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Celebrating our 35th Year!

Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania
Heritage Patrol

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Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania Heritage Patrol is one of the many Interest Patrols available to Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts. Interest Patrols are a fun alternative to the traditional troop meeting format. There is an annual registration fee of $30.00 for Girl Scout membership that can be payable to individual troops or interest patrols. In addition, each patrol determines individually their dues and/or activity fees. If you are interested in early American folk arts, exploring local history, participating in community events and sharing your skills with younger girls, you will enjoy being a member of Heritage Patrol. For more information on Heritage Patrol Please click here--->heritage patrol history

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The Levels and Requirements
of Heritage Patrol

As more girls joined the group it became increasingly difficult to remember who was trained to lead each activity. Also, it was taking more and more adult time to teach each incoming group, while continuing to supervise the older girls. Some type of leadership ladder was needed. A guild system, patterned after the medieval labor hierarchy, seemed appropriate. Thus the oldest girls became Masters, those in the next level down were Journeywomen, and the new girls came into the group as Apprentices. For two years everything was fine; then, it became apparent that a more advanced level of leadership was needed to hold the interest of the older girls. The position of Trainer became the highest level of the guild. Today, the only leadership training done by adults is the Trainers' training. All other training is done by girls for girls. Leadership Ladder

Oh the Places We Go!

The Heritage Patrol holds many events throughout the course of the year so that the girls can learn about the history of the Lehigh Valley. We go on "Hunting for History" field trips, have Burnside Plantation Day, Victorian Pastimes, Thinking Day - Heritage Style, Moravian Memories, and Musikfest Krafts for Kids. The Heritage Patrol is not only for the older Girl Scouts to join but also for the younger Girl Scouts to come and learn.

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